HALO Heroes Spotlight | Aaron Gaynor, The ECO Plumbers |

HALO Heroes Spotlight | Aaron Gaynor, The ECO Plumbers

May 13, 2020

HALO Hero | Aaron Gaynor

When Aaron Gaynor began growing the Eco Plumbers in Columbus, Ohio in 2007 he knew he would need great people, solid partnerships and a lot of passion to grow his company. He is being recognized as our May 2020 HALO Hero because he managed to merge all three of these ingredients into the success of his partnership with HALO Water Systems. He has a very interesting perspective on the HALO program, how to make it successful, and what the key is to keep it going. So let’s take a look at Aaron’s key areas for success, which include great people, solid partnerships, and passion.

First off, Aaron feels that success requires great people. He feels that success starts with hiring good quality people on your team, and it maintained by making sure that you are leading your team by being a good person as well. That means having shared goals and values and making sure that you care in the best interest of others. He also states that partnerships with good people are also critically important. In fact, he cited this as reason number one when dealing with HALO. Aaron said, “What really separates HALO is their founder Glen Blavet. I cannot tell you how much I mean that. This guy treated me like I ran the biggest Plumbing company in the world, even when I was very small. He just wanted me to be successful. The whole HALO program is about helping you do more and Glen really cares about that because he is a good person.”

Aaron’s appreciation for HALO and Glen helped him take his HALO relationship further into his second key to success because it helped him build a trusted partnership with HALO. Aaron really related to HALO, “I love the way Glen started as a plumber, then became an owner of his own plumbing shop and then came up with the idea to start HALO as a way of helping other plumbers.” Aaron feels that this experience has led to a system at HALO that is set up to help plumbers succeed and develop an entirely new side of their business. “We can do more with water quality, and we are growing it, but we are just getting started.” The secret to this ongoing growth may be in the final point in this spotlight article, which is passion. At ECO Plumbers, the systems are important, price is important, the water tests and the HALO process is important, but none of it works without passion. You need passion to be successful. Aaron says that the HALO program was built from Glen’s passion and it can’t be sold if the plumbers don’t believe in the program. Aaron says that approach isn’t typical, “A lot of companies push every plumber to sell everything. This goes back to being a good person and setting our team up to allow them to be good people who only sell solutions they believe in.

You cannot sell water treatment systems half-heartedly. You need to believe that you are helping the homeowner and their family to a better way of life, and a better water experience. They have to be passionate about water quality.” The plumbers we have who are passionate about water quality and HALO pave the way for other team members. We celebrate their success and team members see the success they are having and they get passionate. That’s the secret.”

It’s hard to argue with Aaron’s opinion and logic. He and the ECO Plumbers team are excited about the growth they have had in water quality and they are also proud of the difference they are making for families with the HALO systems they are installing. A final note is that Aaron really feels that “the HALO options should be embraced because every homeowner has unique needs where some require a HALO 5 and some don’t have the options that allow us to give them the exact solution they need.” Great stuff from a tremendous Home Service leader and true HALO Hero!