HALO Heroes Spotlight | John Bottala, Western Rooter |

HALO Heroes Spotlight | John Bottala, Western Rooter

July 23, 2020

When you are spending $500 per month to help your wife with her Eczema issues and you are not seeing results, for many people it’s time to panic.  For John Bottala, Chief Operating Officer at Western Rooter, it was time to get serious.  He became a man on a mission. 


He began researching on his own, speaking to different Dermatologists and his research and advice kept leading him to water quality.  John became passionate about water quality and after he performed a chlorine test in his home he was disgusted by the results. He began learning everything he could about water solutions for his home and his family.


His research of filters and solutions led him to HALO. There were a lot of competitors out there – he looked at a ton of them. John loved the fact that HALO was an incredible system, had a great reputation, and was designed for the professional. 


He wanted a system that did what it promised and was built to last.  He found that with HALO.  So, he purchased the system and put one in his home. John says that he and his wife immediately noticed the difference in many ways.  The biggest benefit is that the HALO made a huge impact on his wife’s health and wellness.  The chlorine was no longer agitating his wife’s skin and HALO brought happiness in their home.


John was amazed.  He called Glen Blavet, the founder of HALO Water Systems, and asked him to come to his office to educate the entire Western Rooter staff.  The HALO team followed through on educating the team on the benefits so well in fact, that the Western Rooter team members put the systems into their own homes.  The Western Rooter team began educating their customers on what it’s like to own a HALO system.  They loved the systems and they shared the joy of owning a HALO to their customers.


Once again, John was amazed.  He began to realize the need for water quality and how every home should have a HALO system. The water in their area “is simply terrible” and John feels that anyone who allows themselves to be educated by his team members will either purchase a HALO or make plans to in the future. 


John says that the pandemic is a clear indication of the value that people place on water quality. “Water was the first thing off the shelves. It was water and toilet paper.” The fear of losing quality water caused chaos.  However, most of the people in the area already have poor quality water, they just don’t know it. The issue is that people don’t often think about water quality because they assume their water is ok.  But it isn’t. Our job is to educate people about water quality and show them why it is important every day.  Our team is committed to doing this.”


John has a game plan, “We want our customers to have a HALO already set up, so if there was ever an issue getting water, they would not need to scramble.  They would have water far better than bottle quality coming out of every fixture in the home.  It’s just a no brainer.”  


In talking with John, it is clear to see his passion and leadership makes a huge impact on the program. He has deep knowledge of the subject and far too much insight for this spotlight.  However, to summarize, here are a few points that John says are critical in making him a big believer in HALO.  


  • First, he “has tried other filter systems and doesn’t believe that bigger is better when it comes to water quality.”  John states, “Why would you get an Amazon product online, or partner with a huge company, who has a mass-produced product that anyone can get.  The company doesn’t care as much about quality and consistency.” John “loves the professional-grade that HALO provides.” 


  • Second, he also is “drawn to the fact that HALO was developed by a plumber for the plumbing industry. HALO is tailor-made for plumbers, and it shows in the quality, range of solutions, and in the way the company cares.” 


  • Finally, John likes the “confidence that his team has in selling HALO.  They never have to worry about results or support. HALO is a partner that provides everything we need to fix any water issue.”


Thank you, John, we appreciate your support and the entire HALO team is very proud to be partners with you on your journey to educate homeowners on water quality and show them why water quality is important every day.


You are helping families get amazing water, we salute you for serving your customers and your community as a HALO HERO!