5 Signs Your Home Needs A Water Filtration System |

5 Signs Your Home Needs A Water Filtration System

October 30, 2020

Whether it’s showers & laundry or cooking & drinking, your home’s water quality is an essential part of your everyday routine. Many do not know that unfiltered water is full of contaminants and chemicals – just because it’s in your home does NOT make it clean for you or your family. Check out these few signs that may indicate your home needs a water filtration system.


Dry Skin & Hair

When it comes to the quality of your home’s water, hard water will cause your hair and skin to dry out. The longer your hair is washed in this, it will become weaker and lose its life. The chemicals in unfiltered water can cause your scalp to become itchy or irritated and your skin flaky. 


Smelly Water

This sure-fire sign is unfortunately associated with your local public water systems – Is your water smelling like rotten eggs? If so, this means that there is sulfate living in your water! As you continue consuming it, the sulfur can cause irritation of your eyes and respiratory problems.


Soap Scum

Soap scum (or limescale) is the crusty, white material that builds up on your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. This substance is difficult to clean and more layers will accumulate over time. This can even be troublesome for your health as bacteria can grow here.


Cloudy Water

If your water has a white, cloudy look to it, this is a sign that your water is contaminated. On top of being bad for your health, it will also have an unpleasant taste! The chemicals here will then make their way inside your body through the food you cook and the water you drink, becoming a hazard for those under your roof.


Appliance Trouble

Not only will hard water cause items in your home to deteriorate faster, but it can also be extremely dangerous for your health AND your appliances. The chemicals in unfiltered water will wear on your plumbing systems and your appliances. Every time the hard water runs through, it will cause more damage. Larger appliances, such as your dishwasher and washing machine, will become less effective because of this. Smaller appliances, such as your coffee maker, will completely break down earlier than they should. 


Unfiltered water has the potential to cause many health problems for you and your home. On top of that, is the fact that filtered water simply TASTES better. Enjoy fresh, clean water every day in your home with a HALO Whole-Home Water System. To learn more about our systems or to check your options, give our HALO team a call at 800-591-0538.