HALO Heros Spotlight | Angel Martinez, Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling |

HALO Heros Spotlight | Angel Martinez, Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

October 30, 2020

When Angel Martinez got out of the Marine Corps, he wasn’t sure exactly what he was going to do.  One thing he did know is that he would soon have a new family member, so he knew he needed a viable career that could support him and his growing family. So he moved to Las Vegas to look for a career opportunity. He managed to find his way into a plumbing company working in the call center.  He quickly saw that this industry was something that he could excel in, so he began learning more, training more, and grew his skills and role.  In December of 2007, he followed a team member to Hawthorne Plumbing and he’s been a leader there ever since. 


The plumbing industry is something that Angel says “he fell into” but his success would have you believe that it was a trade he was born to lead in. He has done exceptionally well with Hawthorne and he takes a lot of pride in providing his team with quality solutions. Angel says that the key to finding products that will work is to get your team on board. “When Technicians see something and truly understand how it works and why customers should have it, they’ll move the product. With the technicians here, they’re no different than anyone else across the country. If they believe in it, they’ll move it.”


Belief is what led Angel and Hawthorne’s owner Greg to start a relationship with HALO six years ago. HALO’s founder met with Angel & Greg and showed them the product. Immediately they could see the belief and passion that Glen had for the product. Angel remembers thinking “You can tell just by the communication that Greg and I had with Glen, that he was very sincere about his product, what it did, and how it could deliver. Of course, everybody wants to prove what they can do, but Glen got us excited about how much he believed in HALO’s systems and you know what? The systems delivered.”


Angel says that the key to making Hawthorne’s HALO sales soar started with testimonials. “We ended up getting our first couple installs and making sure the technicians went back to those clients to see the fruits of their labor. I wanted them to make sure it was working, to see how it’s working, and then if the customer was happy, we asked for a testimonial. That was awesome. The customers were excited and it made an impact. I recommend testimonials, when a customer is excited, that is a powerful feeling to show. People love to see real customers who think it’s a great product and love how it works. At that point, HALO basically sells itself.”  


The other part of the HALO experience that Angel likes is the fact that HALO is always there to back up their products and their partners.  “I love that I can always get a hold of somebody at HALO.  Problems happen in plumbing, with every product. I like that when I need to have communication to fix an issue, HALO is there. That matters. That gives me the faith to sell the product. Now, it’s not just the belief I have in the system but also knowing that if I’m in a pinch, I will always have someone at HALO to back me up. That was more important to me.”


Angel is aware of the options out there, but he has seen great value in the last 6 years with HALO and he hasn’t been let down yet. “I know the person behind the system, so when I’m selling a HALO, or when one of my technicians is selling a HALO, we’re selling a system that has a guarantee behind it. It is a guarantee that has been backed up every single time we’ve needed it. If you try to get something done under warranty, with other manufacturers, it’s going to take you weeks. With HALO, it takes days, if that.” 


Finally, Angel says that if he could tell someone one thing about HALO, he would tell them that “HALO is an amazing product. Here we are, six years later, still loving it and still moving it strong. Of course, vendors are always sending over competing products, they say, you want to try this filtration system? I just say please Stop! Stop sending me stuff! They laugh about it. They know the answer is going to be no. We’re staying with HALO because we are happy with HALO. That’s the product we have, it’s the one we believe in, and it’s the one the technicians believe in, too.”


We cannot thank Angel enough for his kind words, support, amazing leadership, and most of all for his service to our country.  Angel, we proudly salute the job you have done in helping to provide HALO solutions to your customers.  However, to us, Angel is more than a HALO Hero, in our book he is 100% all around HERO!  Thank you for all you do.