10 Things You Don’t Know About Your Water Quality |

10 Things You Don’t Know About Your Water Quality

January 13, 2021

  10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Water Quality


Your home’s water quality isn’t talked about unless there’s a problem. Most people wouldn’t even know where to start when it comes to discussing this topic: what questions to ask, how to maintain it, and how it affects people. Your water quality is extremely important & impactful to both your home and your health! Here are ten simple facts about water quality that you can apply to your home maintenance today.



1. Most drinking water in the U.S. is run through a local water supply above ground. Unless you have a private well in your backyard, then your drinking water comes from your local filtration plant.

2. Water supply feeds from groundwater sources or surface water sources. Groundwater sources are defined as water underground, while surface water sources refer to lakes, rivers, and ponds.

3. Of all the water on Earth, only 1% is usable, and the majority of it is groundwater. Take one percent of the 70% of the planet … that’s a HUGE number for groundwater sources!

4. Supply plants test for over 90 contaminants, according to the CDC. If you want to test your home’s water quality directly, you can order test kits on sites such as Amazon.com.

5. Water can be naturally filtered underground. Groundwater can run through several natural filtration stages before being purified in reservoirs.

6. Home water supplies have been regulated since 1974 with the Safe Drinking Water Act. There were also additions made in the 1980s and 1990s for stricter standards and safety measures.


7. Cleaner water quality can prevent illness in your home from waterborne viruses and contaminants. Whole-home filtration systems can help take care of this

8. Water quality can affect the performance and efficiency of your appliances. Water softeners and filtration systems allow for less buildup in your washing machines and dishwashers, as well as your home plumbing.

9. Water quality can affect your cleaning. Hard water can leave scaling that’s difficult to clean off later, so a higher water quality eliminates the need for cleaning as often!

10. Water quality can affect the taste of your home water supply. Most everyone will say water has a certain taste, for example with the comparison of bottled products like Aquafina to home tap water. A whole-home water filtration system gives you a cleaner and more pure taste.


Your home’s water quality plays an important part in how appliances function, how your water tastes, and how much is allowed in your water that isn’t, well, water. Having a whole-home filtration system can bring many benefits and eliminate many issues when it comes to your home’s health! Interested or want to learn more? Visit us at Halowater.com to use our Options Builder that will help find the solution that is best for you!