Why Water Filtration? Five Benefits to Installing a Water Filtration System |

Why Water Filtration? Five Benefits to Installing a Water Filtration System

January 13, 2021

Why Water Filtration? Five Benefits to Installing a Whole-Home Water Filtration System


Everybody wants clean water, but not everybody understands why it is so beneficial to your home’s health and your personal health. Installing a water filtration system can bring several advantages to the table. Hey, if your New Year’s Resolution is to stay more hydrated, why not drink CLEAN water straight from your tap? Here are five advantages of installing a whole-home water filtration system.


1. Better Tasting (and Smelling) Water

That’s right! Your water’s taste and smell can be altered through water filtration. If your water has any impurities in it or excess minerals, it can affect the overall taste, not to mention the color and smell of your drinking water. Filtration systems purify the water to have cleaner tasting and clearer water. 


2. Harmful Minerals? Not Anymore!

Water filtration systems take hidden minerals out of your water, many of which can’t be filtered out in your local water plant. Sometimes, minerals such as lead aren’t completely filtered out by the time it comes through your home, therefore increasing your risk of contaminated water. Whole-home water filtration systems can take out the harmful additions in your water before it even hits your plumbing.


3. Another Penny in Your Pocket

Installing a whole-home water filtration system, while seeming costly at first, can actually save you money in the long run. Instead of buying water bottles or purified water from the store week after week, the investment of a whole-home water filtration system can eliminate the need to go to the store and lift all of those heavy cases of water into your kitchen pantry!


4. Regulating Your Regular

Sometimes, the water you drink from an unfiltered tap is too basic or acidic on the pH scale for your body’s normal intake, which can affect your health. Filtering your water can help to regulate the acidity of the water so that it fits to the recommended regular for your body!


It saves you money. It keeps you healthy. It’s responsible for your hydration and cleaning your home in general. Water is essential to all life, so why shouldn’t we indulge in the best form of it possible? Whole-home water filtration can give your home the cleanest, clearest water possible for both your health and your home’s needs. Ready for your installation? Visit us at HaloWater.com to use our Options Builder, and find out the solution that is best for you!