5 Tricks To Protect Your Home’s Water Quality |

5 Tricks To Protect Your Home’s Water Quality

February 16, 2021

There are many things you can do to protect your home from hazards – installing a security system, taking care of your system with maintenance, and doing your due diligence for poor elements, such as mold.. When it comes to your water quality, though, do you give it a second thought? If your answer is “no,” you’re not alone. Many homeowners neglect this crucial aspect of their home, leaving it vulnerable to numerous issues in the future. Our Halo Team is here to break down FIVE preventative measures you can take to protect arguably the most important factor in your home.


Do Not Ignore Leaks

When it comes to your home, leaks can be a common, hidden enemy as well as the money you are spending each month on your water bills. Aside from having CLEAN water in your home, avoid wasting up to 10% of your bill solely due to leaks in your home. Securing these pesky problems ensures a solid flow of water in your home, no contaminants finding their way into your water stream, AND ultimately saving you $$$ in the long run.


Dispose of Waste Properly

Indoors and out, improper waste disposal can impact your home’s water quality. If you do not have a water filtration system, your community’s behavior can directly impact the water AND water quality coming into your home. Doing simple things such as picking up after your pet, keeping trash off of your street, and using chemicals, such as fertilizers, sparingly in your yard will all help with your water quality input.


Save Water

Aside from saving money, it’s essential that you make conscious efforts to save water in your home. Practice turning off the sink when you brush your teeth, wait until you’re ready to jump in the shower before turning it on, or only doing FULL laundry and dish loads in your respective systems will save you a TON of money over time. 


Get Your Water Tested

In order to see the status of your home’s water quality, you need to first see what you’re working with. You won’t know if you have poor, or good, water quality until it is tested by either you or a professional. Give your local plumber a call or order an at-home Water Quality Test to start the process. 


Invest in a Water Filtration System

At first, a water filtration system may seem like a big-ticket. Over time, though, you will find that it may be one of the best investments you make in your home. Your laundry, dishes, AND skin will REAP the benefits from a water filtration or water purification system – this will allow ALL water flowing into your home to be clean, trusted, and contaminant-free. 


Water is something that controls our life, we literally need it to survive. If we do our part at making sure the water in our home is clean, save water when we don’t need it, and invest in a purification system that will PROTECT those living under our roof, the result is truly priceless. Visit https://halowater.com/ for more information or call 800-591-0538 to learn more now!