4 Ways Poor Water Quality Affects Your Home |

4 Ways Poor Water Quality Affects Your Home

March 19, 2021

Water quality is important to the well-being of our homes and the people using it. It can affect many aspects of your home, from cleaning to cooking, and even your health. Our everyday use of water is clear evidence that having the best water quality possible is essential. Here are some of the ways poor water quality can affect your home. 

Corrodes Plumbing Fixtures

Many different materials are used for plumbing fixtures, but not all can become corroded. Typically, materials made of metal corrode easiest. Corrosion is a chemical reaction that is caused by soil, water, and even the properties of the pipe itself. It releases ions in the water, contaminating it. Copper corrosion leaves a bitter, metallic aftertaste and can leave a  blue-green stain. Iron can also become corroded, which is more likely what you think of when you think of rust. Both cause a high amount of iron or copper in your drinking water, which is not ideal or healthy for your family.


Exacerbates Skin Issues

Hard water is considered to be poor water quality where its content of minerals can affect your skin. Since it contains these minerals, it tends to leave a buildup of soap on your skin. Hard water does not allow soap to lather the way it should and can clog your pores. Leading to acne breakouts and possible eczema, it causes dry and itchy skin. This can also accelerate aging due to the breakdown of collagen in your skin. For the people who already have these issues, exacerbating preexisting skin issues can cause serious irritation and more frequent flare-ups. 


Dulls Clothes In The Washing Machine

Hard water also has a big impact on the cleaning of your clothes. It affects the efficiency of soap and detergents, so they cannot lather and clean properly. It is because they cannot be washed properly, that the hard water tethers to the fabric of your clothes. The minerals of the water then fades your clothes, causing a dull appearance in your shirts and shorts. It also causes your clothes to become itchy and rough, making them uncomfortable to wear due to the effect of hard water.


Causes Health Side Effects

Water contamination is the culprit to health issues in a group of people. Sanitation is important in order to avoid contamination of a population sharing drinking water. Sewage and wastewater should be properly handled in water treatment plants. Without the proper treatment of our water, health side effects can occur. Drinking too much of a certain mineral or finding pesticides or fertilizers in your water can make drinking waste possible. The transmission of diseases like E-coli, salmonella, and hepatitis A can be transmitted through water. Even cholera, typhoid, or polio can contaminate drinking water!

Poor water quality is unwanted in any home in every way. Seeing how it can affect your home and your family is something that homeowners should avoid at all costs. If you are noticing some of these effects within your home, contact Halo Water Systems at (800) 591-0538 today and find out how you can get a HALO in your home.