4 Tips for the Best Tasting Cup of Coffee |

4 Tips for the Best Tasting Cup of Coffee

May 4, 2021

Can’t start the morning without a cup (or two) of coffee? We understand! Coffee has the power to give us the strength to take on the world, to be alert and focused, as well as potentially lead to weight loss by curbing sugary cravings throughout the day. For most, a hot cup of coffee is included in their morning ritual, but do you know how to ensure the best quality? Check out these four tips below to help you enjoy your favorite drink. 



Clean Your Machine Often

When’s the last time you cleaned your coffee maker? If you can’t remember, it’s probably time to do it again. This is something that is incredibly important for our health, that isn’t thought about nearly enough. No matter the make or model, you should conduct a thorough cleaning each month. Without routine cleaning, your coffee maker will become home to types of mold, mildew, and bacteria that cause both illnesses, and foul taste.


Choose Your Mug Wisely

The type of mug you use can impact the flavor of the coffee inside of it. Using a mug made of ceramic or glass is ideal for optimum taste. These natural materials will not absorb or leak anything into the cup, allowing you to enjoy every sip. When using a mug or tumbler made of stainless steel, although it is a good insulator to keep your coffee warm, the inner lining is prone to peeling, leaving debris in the liquid. 


Proper Storage 

To ensure quality taste, your coffee must be properly stored. No matter if you use pods, grinds, or whole beans, you need to be mindful that your storage container is airtight, to keep moisture away. Moisture is detrimental to the flavor and freshness of the coffee bean. Once the level exceeds 12%, it’s more susceptible to growing mold and fermenting, ultimately ruining the batch.


Check Your Water Quality

Most importantly, clean water is the foundation of a pure and fresh-tasting cup of coffee. You wouldn’t drink from a swimming pool, so you shouldn’t allow your tap water to include the same chemicals. Most municipalities’ tap water contains levels of chlorine higher than required in your neighborhood pool. A whole-home water filtration solution will ensure you have clean, purified water to create the best tasting cup. 

Fresh, contaminant-free water is something that everyone deserves. Don’t let a cup of coffee full of chemicals and pollutants ruin your morning. If you are ready to craft your perfect cup of coffee, we can help you take the first step by CHANGING YOUR WATER today! Visit https://halowater.com/ for more information or call 800-591-0538 to learn more now.