How Water Quality Affects Cooking |

How Water Quality Affects Cooking

March 1, 2022

Water quality extends beyond what one can imagine. Although water plays a tremendous role in the kitchen, many fail to realize how it truly affects the results of daily cooking and baking. Fortunately, this can all be resolved with water purification and filtration systems. Follow along to find out how your home’s water quality affects your cooking and how HALO can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


Flavor Profile

The municipal water supply has over 90 approved contaminants by the EPA. So when you cook or bake with unfiltered water, the presence of contaminants and chlorine will be noticeable in the taste and smell of your food. This is why filtered water is a critical component to cooking just like sugar, spice, and everything nice that influences the taste and quality.


Texture and Appearance 

When you wash your fruits and vegetables with unfiltered water the taste doesn’t dissipate, but instead, is absorbed into your food and affects the overall flavoring. The same goes for boiling dry foods in unfiltered water such as rice, pasta, and beans. Not only will your flavor improve with a HALO, but the texture will improve as well, leaving your cooked foods with a creamier consistency.


Bleak Baking

One of the most crucial aspects of baking is the quality of the ingredients you are using, and this goes for water as well. Any baker knows that poor water quality can negatively interact with the performance of yeast and the overall structure of the dough and affect the fermentation process.

Change your water, change your cooking, and most importantly CHANGE YOUR LIFE! With HALO, you will see a noticeable difference in all areas of your home with the simple installation of one of our water filtration systems. Give our team a call today at 800-591-0538 to find out which system best suits you and your home’s needs.