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Heating Systems

Domestic hot water systems are critical to commercial buildings and represent a significant capital investment.

The HALO ION water conditioner is a highly effective and proven chemical-free solution for the effective control of hard water scale and corrosion on commercial heating systems.  HALO ION Technology has been in service commercially since 1964.

This means lower treatment costs, reduced pollution, and less maintenance and downtime, as well as a more efficient service life of your valuable water using equipment.

Cooling Systems

Whether for process or comfort cooling, the HALO ION water conditioner has been proven effective at keeping cooling towers and chillers operating efficiently and scale-free.

With the HALO ION water conditioner installed, cooling towers and chillers will operate at a higher rate of efficiency by eliminating scale build-up. You will experience significant savings in; water, chemicals, downtime, maintenance, and energy while at the same time employing environmentally sustainable methods of treating water.

Engineered for systems from 20 tons to 2,000 tons, and above!

Food Service

Uptime is critical in hospitality and food service applications. Downtime on water using equipment is most often the result of issues related to water quality, namely hard water scale and corrosion.

The HALO ION water conditioners help keep Food Service equipment in optimal service condition by keeping the heat transfer surfaces clear of hard water scale and corrosion.

Even systems that are treated with traditional chemical treatment systems often still require periodic de-scaling or other costly maintenance. Further, equipment downtime results in  a direct loss of revenue and negative customer experiences.

The HALO ION water conditioners eliminate the need for descaling and dramatically reduce, if not eliminate maintenance downtime. HALO ION water conditioners come in a full range of fitting sizes and flow rates to effectively control scale on almost any piece of food service equipment.