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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I receive a BOIL NOTICE?

If your city has issued a boil notice, follow the guidelines set forth by the city until the notice to boil water has been lifted.

Place your system on bypass and leave the system on bypass until the notice has been lifted. Once the notice has been lifted, return the system to service.

Visit the information library for detailed instructions on how to place the system on bypass and what to do after it is returned to service.

What is the difference between a HALO 5 and a water softener?

The differences are profound. It is not an apple to apple comparison. While many softeners are comparably or priced higher than the HALO 5, traditional water softeners are a more expensive less effective way to address hard water, scale, and corrosion and actually add more contaminants into household water supplies and the environment. Most water hardness treatment systems use ion exchange with salt as a regenerate which leaves salt in the drinking water and requires a reverse osmosis system to remove the salt to make the water salt free for drinking and cooking.  With a softener, reverse osmosis is required at every point of access at which you would want to drink or cook with the water. The HALO 5 Whole House Water Filtration and Conditioning System, gives you conditioned, highly filtered, alkaline water at every access point in the home.

The backwash for a traditional salt softener is required much more frequently than the HALO 5 pre-programmed, automated regeneration.  Usually every day to every 3 days, a backwash is required with a softener. The HALO 5 backwashes, once every 7 days and can be extended further under favorable circumstances.  The water expelled during a traditional salt softener’s backwash is contaminated by salt and is considered harmful to the environment.  Many homeowners associations have banned the use of such systems.  The HALO 5 Whole House Water Filtration and Conditioning System has a backwash that is up to 30% less water than other systems and flushes clean highly filtered water during the regeneration cycle.  The water from a HALO can be collected in a rain barrel and used for irrigation or can be directed to a tree well or flowerbed.  The water is safe for pets, wildlife and plants as it is highly filtered and 100% free of chlorine and chloramines.

The final difference between a HALO 5 and a traditional salt softener is this, and this is a big one…softeners do not filter contaminants from your water.

Softeners are specifically designed to address hard water via ion exchange.  The resin bed within a softener, where the exchange happens, will become damaged by chlorine and chloramines found in all municipal water supplies, and additional systems are needed to protect the softener from chlorine as well as sediment.  That additional expense along with the ongoing cost of 50 lb bags of salt makes softening a more expensive, less environmentally friendly hard water solution.

While ion exchange systems substitute salt for calcium and magnesium, the HALO ION Inline Water Conditioner transforms dissolved calcium and magnesium into crystallized calcium formations. Calcium and magnesium in their crystallized state are rendered harmless and free from their hard properties and scaling effects.

What is the maintenance schedule on a HALO 5?

NOTE: In a home with 4 people, the water heater will need to be flushed (of dissolved solids) 3-4 months after the installation of the HALO 5, or any other HALO solution that includes a HALO ION Inline water conditioner. This is because the HALO ION Inline water conditioner will dissolve existing scale formation in addition to inhibiting new hard water scale formations.

How much water is used during the backwash cycle?

The HALO 5 Whole House Water Filtration and Conditioning System arrived fully programmed to backwash once a week. This is a 10-minute regeneration cycle that includes 6 minutes of fluidizing the media bed and 4 minutes of re-compaction.

On the H5-100 (HALO 5 Stage – 1”) System – Approx. 3.5 gallons per minute. NOTE: The water that is discharged during the backwash cycle is actually cleaner than the water that came in from the street. It is safe for plants, pets, and wildlife, and can be introduced into a flower bed or a tree well.

How does the HALO 5 clean itself with no filters?

HALO 5 regenerates once a week. This is not so much to clean the system but really to reset the media bed and prevent “channeling”. “Channeling” is when water passing through the media bed finds the path of least resistance, creating channels. This allows the water to effectively avoid contact time with a large portion of the carbon media resulting in lower effectivity and a shorter life span for the system.

The HALO 5 regenerates every 7 days and filters like the first day it was installed, for the life of the carbon, *ten years.

*Carbon life based upon the average water use of a family of four over ten years, or 1 million gallons.  For larger households systems with larger flow rates and larger media beds are available.  Giving most every household the option for a ten-year life span.  Call a representation with your specifications for the solution that fit your needs.

What are the commercial applications for HALO?
  • Food service equipment.
  • Heating and boiler applications.
  • Cooling and cooling tower applications.
  • Swimming pool, spa and water feature applications.
  • Agriculture and irrigation applications.
What separates the HALO 5 from other systems?

Quality of Components = Reliability
We use 2 of the best carbon media on the market. GAC is great for the removal of chlorine and chloramine. Centaur works great with free chlorine. The combination of the two will give you the best results 365 days a year.

Quality of design = Efficiency
We use an Empress tank with a Vortech distributor head which reduces backwash rate by 30% or more, and pressure loss properties are improved by upwards of 40%. WQA tested and approved. NSF 61 Lead free certification. Integrated Solution (Filters and Conditions) that is effective for the family, home and planet.

  • Quality of Collateral Materials
  • Scope of Applications
  • Variety of Price Points
  • Quality of Sales Support
  • Quality of Technical Support
  • Quality of Customer Service
  • Only Available to Licensed Contractors.
How do we know when the HALO 5 is at its end of life?

On the H5-100 unit, after approximately 1 million gallons of usage. If the treated water tests positive for chlorine.

What are the Warranties?
  • HALO 5 – Limited lifetime warranty
  • Lifetime on the tank (up to one replacement)
  • 10 years on the HALO ION
  • 5 years on the control head
  • 10 years on the media (up to one tank replacement)
  • HALO ION – 10 year limited warranty
  • HALO Mini Series – 1 year on housings. 10 years on HALO ION
What is the difference between a HALO 5 and bottled water?
  • HALO retains the minerals in the water.
  • HALO is available throughout the entire home for bathing cooking and drinking water.
  • HALO does NOT contain Xenoestrogens or BPA commonly found in bottled water.
  • HALO water cost about 1/1000th as much as bottled water.
How does the HALO ION Inline water conditioner work?

The patented system, when installed in a water supply line, controls the formation of scale and corrosion deposits without the use of chemicals. Water passing through the alternating magnetic fields causes most minerals (iron excepted) to stay suspended in the water so they cannot form a hard brittle scale. The entire process bonds calcium ions to each other rather than to your plumbing and fixtures. Water passes, under pressure, and with minimal turbulence, through alternating magnetic lines of force perpendicular to the waters flow direction. This causes a polarizing effect upon non-polar constituents in the water, and provides energy of activation level necessary to cause the dissolve of calcium Carbonate (calcite) CaCO3 within the water to recombine and form “aragonite” (an amorphus powdery form) when the solubility limit is reached. Unlike crystalline CaCO3, aragonite can easily remain suspended in the water stream rather than attaching to system walls as “scale”.

The presence of aragonite in the water provides an additional benefit in terms of corrosion protection. A thin film of soft aragonite, which normally forms as a result of long term magnetic treatment, actually prevents free oxygen within the water from attacking metallic components through which the water travels, thus preventing corrosion.

What is your product used for?

The HALO ION Inline Water Conditioner has several uses. It is primarily used in commercial applications where scale prevention is required, such as water heater pretreatment or reverse osmosis pretreatment. It is also used for residential applications where the HALO ION is desired for its taste and functional use.

What is so special about HALO ION Inline Water conditioner?

The HALO ION Inline Water Conditioner technology has been in use since 1964. It is the most widely used, recognized and reliable maintenance free system available today. In addition, local bans on soft water equipment or wastewater discharge permits are not applicable with this system.

Why is it important to not use chemicals or sodium in treating water?
  1. You are not spending money on them.
  2. You are not ingesting them in part or in whole.
  3. You are not adding to the pollution of water supplies and the precious environment.
If the HALO ION does not use chemicals or sodium, what does it use?

Just water! The water is altered through a multi-stage magnetic process. There is nothing to add.

Will the water test soft after the system is installed?

NO. Remember that the calcium is still present, but in an altered suspended state. A test for hardness in reality is a test for the presence of the minerals calcium and magnesium, which have naturally hard properties. The HALO ION Inline Water Conditioner renders them harmless.