5 States With the WORST Water Quality |

5 States With the WORST Water Quality

July 1, 2022

It’s crucial to be aware of your water source and its quality. Although the U.S. has one of the safest and cleanest water supplies in the world, millions of Americans are exposed to unsafe drinking water every day. Are you curious if you live in a state with poor water quality? Continue reading to find out!



The state of Washington is known for its diverse climate and beautiful scenery. However, with a growing population comes more pollution. Washington’s water quality directly results from added pressure to surface and groundwater sources, low pH, low dissolved oxygen levels, stormwater runoff, warm water temperatures, toxins, and bacteria. However, the biggest culprit of them all is stormwater runoff. As this water makes its way through storm drains it collects animal waste, pesticides, fertilizers, oils, and microplastics. Other contaminants commonly found in Washington’s water supply include arsenic, uranium, nitrate, radon, radium, chromium, and chloroform.  


California is home to a wide array of beauty, such as golden sunsets, warm vineyards, and a vast topography. Although it also is home to highly contaminated water. Many of the state’s rural farming communities are exposed to water containing arsenic and uranium. When these contaminants are mixed with high levels of nitrate, the pollution level in your water supply can reach amounts high enough to cause cancer and other adverse health conditions. The most vulnerable are children, pregnant women, and the elderly. 


Arizona has a steadily increasing water scarcity problem. However, water scarcity isn’t the state’s only problem, its tap water is one of the most dangerous in the country. Phoenix’s tap water contains the highest levels of chromium-6 a well-known carcinogen in the U.S. Arizona is also the fastest-growing state, which is why it’s crucial to improve the public water supply.


Many of Florida’s tap water problems are rooted in ecological disasters. In 2018, the red tide levels in the Gulf of Mexico caused blue-green algae to flow into lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Not only did this contaminate drinking water supply, but it also resulted in a massive loss of marine life. The state also experienced an abundance of fertilizer and other pollutants due to freshwater algal blooms. Throughout Florida, high counts of coliform bacteria from human waste and unsafe lead and copper levels were found.

New Jersey

New Jersey has a lot to offer its residents from healthcare, education, and industrial facilities. Although, its drinking water is not up to par. PFCs and other highly toxic synthetic chemicals used in industrial facilities were present in its water for years. These chemicals are used for grease, water, and heat-resistant properties. Fortunately, companies and producers are phasing PFCs out of production, but the chemicals are still present in water supplies. These chemicals are linked to cancer, liver damage, and birth and development effects. Over half of New Jersey’s population is exposed to lead and chlorine levels in their drinking water at unhealthy levels.

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