How Is Poor Water Quality Affecting Your Holiday? |

How Is Poor Water Quality Affecting Your Holiday?

November 1, 2022

Have you and your home fallen victim to poor water quality? With the holidays in full swing, it is crucial to understand the impact water quality can have on your cooking, baking, and overall hosting. Continue reading to find out what your water quality is doing to your holidays!

Alters Cooking

Water quality is a critical element of the art and science of great food and brews. Just like the taste of poor tap water that has a bad odor, it will affect the taste of your cooking. From every step of cleaning your fruits and vegetables to boiling water and allowing your pasta to absorb the water. It can also cause your boiling point to increase, resulting in longer cooking times.


Bleak Baking

Hard water leaves behind Calcium and Magnesium, changing the structure of your baked goods’ ingredients. Gluten, yeast, and other ingredients can change due to the quality of the water. Poor water quality can cause yeast to become rubbery, making the dough tough to bake with. Contrastingly, if the water is too soft, it can make the dough sticky. Hard water is more alkaline and can slow the fermentation process of the yeast. Although this is not visible, it dramatically affects the look, feel, and taste of any holiday treat you are making.



Horrendous Hosting

Hard water leaves behind mineral deposits, sediment, and scale on your utensils and dishes. It prevents your cutlery from sparkling and being streak-free, resulting in a less-than-impressive table setting. If your holiday guests are staying with you overnight, they will likely need to shower. Hard water will be difficult to conceal while they are cleaning themselves. Their skin and hair will immediately notice the difference. In the instance that they need to do laundry, their clothes will also have to suffer. 

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