HALO’s Commitment to Water Quality Across North America |

HALO’s Commitment to Water Quality Across North America

April 29, 2024


Canada and the United States share similar challenges when it comes to water quality. While water treatment methods like chlorine are commonly used, emerging concerns such as chlorine combined with ammonia are raising questions about long-term health effects. HALO recognizes these challenges and is dedicated to providing effective solutions to ensure safe and healthy water for all. That is why HALO is proud to announce that we are now serving all of North America with our recent venture north into Canada. We are excited to bring our products to more countries and continue to protect the health and safety of North America. 

With this exciting announcement, we are proud to introduce Paul to our HALO team. He is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the water industry. Throughout his career, Paul has honed his expertise through diverse roles, including his tenure at a UV manufacturer where he developed a deep understanding of water treatment technologies. His passion for community health and wellness led him to actively engage with indigenous communities, demonstrating his commitment to improving water quality and ensuring safe drinking water for all. 

Canada’s Drinking Water vs. The United States

Canada’s drinking water quality is similar to that of the US, with chlorine being a common disinfectant used in water treatment. However, there are growing concerns about the presence of chloramine, a combination of chlorine and ammonia, which tends to linger in drinking water for longer periods. While this practice is considered safe for disinfection purposes, it raises health concerns as it may not be the healthiest option for long-term consumption. Therefore, both countries face challenges in balancing water safety with long-term health impacts, emphasizing the need for effective water treatment solutions like those offered by HALO to ensure safe and healthy drinking water for everyone.

In addition to chlorine and chloramine concerns, another significant issue facing both Canada and the US is the presence of PFOS and PFAS compounds in water sources. These chemicals, often found in various industrial and consumer products, can contaminate water supplies and pose health risks. Furthermore, the widespread presence of microplastics in water is another growing concern, highlighting the complex challenges in maintaining water quality standards. It is ironic that Canada, with its abundance of freshwater resources such as the Great Lakes, still grapples with water quality issues. This highlights the importance of proactive measures, innovative technologies, and collaborative efforts to address these environmental and public health challenges effectively. HALO’s commitment to providing advanced water treatment solutions plays a vital role in safeguarding water quality and promoting healthier communities across North America.

Current Water Challenges Affecting Canada

Despite Canada’s abundant freshwater resources, indigenous communities continue to face significant water quality challenges. The persisting decade-long boiling water advisory in many indigenous communities highlights the systemic issues of inadequate water infrastructure and resource allocation. This ongoing issue highlights the urgent need for comprehensive solutions and sustained support to ensure equitable access to clean and safe drinking water for all Canadians.

Furthermore, despite being home to vast water reserves, Canada ranks as the second-largest water waster globally, following closely behind the US. The average daily wastage of 90 gallons of water per person signifies a concerning trend of inefficiency and disregard for water conservation practices. As stewards of our natural resources, it is imperative to prioritize water conservation efforts and adopt sustainable practices to mitigate waste and preserve our precious water sources for future generations.

How HALO Plans To Help 

HALO’s expansion and growth in Canada marks a positive turning point for water quality across the nation. With a strong presence in the Canadian market, HALO brings cutting-edge water filtration solutions to the forefront, addressing critical water quality issues such as chlorine and emerging contaminants. By partnering with local communities, HALO is committed to enhancing the health and well-being of Canadians while also contributing to environmental conservation efforts. This growth not only signifies HALO’s dedication to serving diverse communities but also highlights the importance of sustainable water management practices in Canada.

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