Troy S |

Troy S

April 28, 2023
I want to thank everybody on the Halo staff for the great professionalism shown by every person I have been in contact with at Halo. I started installing Halo’s about 10 years ago and I am amazed at the Quality of Customer service I have received. Every time I have called with question or Technical support issue my call was answered immediately or someone called me back within 5 minutes every single time. This product is absolutely the best on the market. I have installed a lot of units and every customer has loved and thanked me for their halo system, Recently I have started Sacramento Water Filtration as I look to wind down my 35 years in the plumbing industry and move toward water filtration systems only. I know I partnered with a company that produces a quality product and stands behind it with 5 star customer service. Thank you Chris and Linda and the whole Halo service team for all you do.
Troy St. Charles